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Mounting foam: ConfoamAdhesives, sealants, mastics:
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Paint tinting machine rentals

Paint tinting machine rentals

The paint and varnish factory “Polifarb Ukraine” gives the consumer the opportunity to realize the most daring design solutions from the design of interiors and facades of buildings.

The colouring system, installed in 150 outlets in Ukraine, and it makes it possible to obtain an almost unlimited number of colors – over 6,000 shades in the European catalogs NCS, RAL and EUROTREND.

Water-dispersible materials:

  • Facade water-dispersible materials;
  • Water-dispersible and latex interior paints;

Facade plasters:

  • Structural acrylic facade plasters (“vermiculation” and “rustic-textured coating”);
  • Acrylic primer for facade plaster;

Painting equipment

Painting equipment for paints and varnishes consists of a shaker and a dispenser:

  • The dispenser is designed for high-precision dosing of the colorant, according to recipes assigned specifically for the production of TM “Polifarb”, which allows obtaining the desired color with great accuracy;
  • Shaker is used for mixing paints and colorants;

Advantages of using a tinting machine:

  • Thanks to the computer dosage, the buyer gets an absolutely accurate hit in the desired color;
  • Ability to re-create color;
  • Quality colorants that meet the high requirements of light fastness and color stability;

We provide full warranty and post-warranty maintenance of installed machines. We provide training for specialists in coloring. We render services on registration of places of sales and registration of places of sales in the corporate style of the company “Polifarb”.