Products of our companiesMounting foam: ConfoamAdhesives, sealants, mastics:
Mounting foam: ConfoamAdhesives, sealants, mastics:
Polifarb Ukraine LLC
Quality above price!

Marketing support

The aim of the project is to increase the sales volume of the outlet.

What does Polifarb Studio give to the outlet:

  • the corporate style of the store, which increases the flow of customers and increases their loyalty to the outlet;
  • convenient layout of products simplifies the choice of the buyer and makes service faster and better
    allows you to place a wider range of products on 1 m² of the shopping capacity.

The results of installing Polifarb studios:

  • the total sales of paint and varnish materials at the retail outlet are increasing by 30-50%;
  • the sales with 1 m² of retail space are increasing several times.

If you are the owner of the shopping capacity for the sale of building materials and strive for a more progressive format of your trading floor, we will be glad to see you among our partners in the project “Polifarb Studio”!