Dear customer!

With great pleasure we inform you that the group of companies Polifarb presented the innovative alkyd-urethane enamel DekoLux. Enamel DekoLux – is intended for professional and long-term protection of metal, wood and other surfaces. Guarantees you convenience in use and quality in operation both in interiors and in atmospheric conditions.


  • dries up for 3 hours (in 4-5 times faster than any PF-enamels);
  • protection 10 years (in 3-4 times longer than any PF-enamels);
  • ultrahard coating (in 2-3 times more than in any PF-enamels);
  • cover ability from 20 g / m² (in 4-5 times less than in any PF-enamels);
  • gloss 95% (in 2-3 times longer than any PF-enamels).

Yours faithfully,
collective of the group of companies Polifarb.