• heavy-duty coating, resistant to wet abrasion (more than 5000 cycles);
• high covering strength;
• thixotropic, technological in application;
• ideal for paintable wallpapers and gypsum-cardboard sheet;
• economical consumption.
ACRYLTIX TM Polifarb is a high-quality interior matt paint of the luxury class on the basis of acrylic resins,
which is assigned for decorative and protective painting of all types of walls and ceilings inside buildings.
Thanks to the content of high-quality components and acrylic dispersion, the surface to be painted has an attractive appearance, forming a very durable and wash-resistant, smooth coating.

Especially it recommended for high-quality painting of walls in places prone to more intensive pollution and requiring frequent washing, for example, kitchens, corridors, staircases.
* It is recommended to use "soil + paint" system of the Polifarb TM.
Product specifications
Vehicle Type acrylic
Temperature at application +5…+30 °C
Consumption 110–150 g/m²
Color white (is tinted)
Gloss matt
Packaging size 1.4 kg, 4.2 kg, 7 kg, 14 kg, 20 kg
Shelf life 24 months