• reliable protection against mold and fungus formation;
• ideal for wet rooms: bathrooms, cellars, kitchens, etc;
• resistant to steam and condensate;
• resistant to wet abrasion (more than 150 cycles);

Biofarba TM Polifarb is an acrylic water-dispersion paint with an antiseptic, assigned for painting walls and ceilings inside rooms with high humidity. The paint forms a decorative matte non-yellowing coating with good adhesion, resistant to washing. A characteristic feature is a good vapor permeability, so that the paint is especially recommended for rooms that are susceptible to constant moisture exposure.
The adding of special additives in the formulation makes it possible to protect the colored surface from fungus and mold infection. The paint can be applied to any mineral base, made of various materials.
* It is recommended to use "soil + paint" system of the Polifarb TM.
Product specifications
Vehicle Type акрилова
Temperature at application +5…+30 °C
Consumption 150–200 g/m²
Color white (is tinted RAL, NCS)
Gloss matt
Packaging size 1,4 kg; 4,2 kg; 7 kg; 14 kg; 20 kg;
Shelf life 12 months