• high hiding power;
• color fastness to UV radiation;
• includes moss and lichen blockers;
• remarkable decorative properties;
Eternit TM Polifarb is a high-quality product intended for the protective and decorative painting of old and new roofs from slate, asbestos-cement tiles, cement-particle boards with the purpose of their protection from aging, as well as from the release into the atmosphere of asbestos due to corrosion. The coating protects the mineral roofing materials from the appearance of moss, lichen, mold on them during operation, and prolongs the service life of the roof.
Product specifications
Vehicle Type Pliolite resins
Temperature at application -10…+30 °C
Consumption 100–150 g/m²
Color 3 colors
Gloss matt
Packaging size 3 kg, 11 kg
Shelf life 18 months