• long-term protection (more than 15 years);
• possible painting at temperatures below zero;
• self-cleaning effect;
• resistance to wet abrasion (more than 10,000 cycles);
Fasadlux TM Polifarb is a professional facade paint of the luxury class on Pliolite resins, assigned for long-term protective decorative painting of plastered, concrete, brick surfaces of facades of buildings and structures. Pliolite resins provide a "breathable" microporous film structure due to capillary forces directed from the laying layer towards the paint, which promotes constant "stretching" of moisture from the wall. The paint has better operational stability.
* It is recommended to use "soil + paint" system of the Polifarb TM.
Product specifications
Vehicle Type Pliolite resins
Temperature at application −10…+30 °C
Consumption 100–150 г/м²
Color white (is tinted)
Gloss matt
Packaging size 3,5 kg, 14 kg
Shelf life 18 months