Profi-Grunt ТМ Polifarb is a non-polluting acrylic deep penetrating and fixing primer that is used for priming walls inside premises and also facades of buildings from various types of cement, cement-lime, gypsum, masonry mortars, concrete, asbestos-cement slabs and other porous materials, which were eroded by prolonged exposure to atmospheric factors, as well as new walls to ensure a long service life of the coating. Due to the ultrathin dispersion structure, it penetrates deeply into the substrate, binds it and improves the adhesion of the paints, while reducing their consumption, by reducing the porosity of the bases.
Product specifications
Vehicle Typeacrylic
Temperature at application+5…+30 °C
Consumption100–200 g/m²
Packaging size5 kg, 10 kg
Shelf life18 months