Silikon-Plaster TM Polifarb is a high-quality product that belongs to the Premium-Line range intended for obtaining thick-layer protective and decorative coatings of building facades and indoor walls. The coating perfectly hides small stabilized cracks and irregularities, characterized by excellent strength and durability . The plaster is ready for use. Has a clear, pronounced picture - rustic-textured coating - the size of granules is 2.0 mm or vermiculation - the size of granules is 1.5 mm. The material is very technological in operation, easy to apply and rubbed. The plaster is tinted by the "Color System" system in the "Polifarb" catalog. Colors are divided into 4 collections - Desert Flowers, Magic of the Jungle, Grand Canyon and the Mysteries of the Ocean. Each collection includes 30 colors, the correspondence of which can be found in the international catalog of NCS.
Product specifications
Vehicle Typesilicone
Temperature at application+5…+30 °C
Consumption2–3 kg/m²
Colorwhite (is tinted)
Packaging size25 kg
Shelf life12 months