• long-term protection of facades (up to 10 years);
• excellent hiding power;
• strength and resistance to wet abrasion (more than 5000 cycles);

Universalfasad TM Polifarb is a high-quality acrylic water-dispersion paint assigned for painting facades of buildings and surfaces inside premises made of different mineral bases. The paint has an excellent adhesion to the surface and provides reliable protection. The distinctive ability of the material is its versatility, thanks to ecological safety it is possible to use it indoors.
* It is recommended to use "soil + paint" system of the Polifarb TM.
Product specifications
Vehicle Type acrylic
Temperature at application +5…+30 °C
Consumption 180–200 г/м²
Color white (is tinted)
Gloss matt
Packaging size 1,4 kg, 4,2 kg, 7 kg, 14 kg, 20 kg
Shelf life 24 months