Zahist "3in1" TM Polifarb is a high-quality acrylic primer enamel, providing reliable protection of metal and galvanized surface. It has anticorrosion and adhesion properties of the primer. Enamel is applied directly on the rust. The composition of the paint includes a phosphating additive, which during application directly to the rust interacts with it, forming a film on the metal surface of insoluble phosphate metal salts. Enamel is ideal for painting production equipment, metal and galvanized roofs, gates, fences, products made of cast iron with artistic forging, etc.
Product specifications
Vehicle Typeacrylic-urethane
Temperature at application+5…+30 °C
Consumption150–200 г/м²
Color10 colors
Packaging size0,9 kg, 2,7 kg
Shelf life24 months